Resource Toolbox

Parenting can be a handful!

Our early learning centre team enjoys collaborating with all families to ensure consistency of care and the best development for your child.

We love to know about your culture and home experiences to help build on your child’s goals and needs. Simultaneously, we would be delighted to share our combined wisdom with you so that you can:

  • Stay up-to-date with what your child is learning and how they are growing at Mud Puddles Cottage.
  • Feel supported with additional information and experiences when the unexpected arises.
  • Be informed about the governing laws and regulations that we abide by to enhance education and development.
  • Feel inspired to participate in all decisions made within the centre.

Resource Toolbox

Early Learning Centre Resources

Below we have curated learning materials, national regulations and support information for you. This information is provided, in part, by the Penrith/Blue Mountains parents’ directory.

Parenting can be an unpredictable adventure. We journey alongside you through your child’s early formative years and we hope you feel strongly supported along the way. Please let us know if there are more childcare resources you have found helpful or would like to see here.

Title Link
Education and Care Service National Regulations 2011
Education and Care Service National Regulations 2010
Title Link
Penrith/Blue Mountains Parents’DirectoryA resource for parents of children living in the Penrith & Blue Mountains regions
ABC ParentingGeneral parenting information, including healt, bullying nutition, breast feeding, parenting forums and links to advice hotlines.
Aust PremProvides support to those expecting a baby and who are at risk of having a premature birth.
Australian Multiple Birth AssociationFor families with twins, triplets, quadruplets or more.
Human Services Community ServicesParenting section of the Human services Community Services website.
Grandparents NetworkA free social interaction network for people 45 years+
KaritaneProvides support and information to families experiencing parenting difficulties.
Parenting NSWPractical tips, information and resources to help make parenting a little easier.
Raising ChildrenA government funderd resource that includes quality assured information for parents of children aged 0-8 years.
TresillianOffers practical help and advice to families with young children: 24 hour Parents Help Line, Day Stay Visits, Residential Programs (parent and baby live in), Parent Education Courses.
Title Link
Births, Deaths & MarriagesInformation and forms for registering your child’s birth.
Child SupportAll the information you need about the agency and child support payments can be accessed here.
Family AssistanceInformation and forms about parenting related payments.
MedicareForms for Medicare registration, Australain Childhood Immunisation Register, etc.
AllergiesDeveloping anaphylaxis awareness through education and support.
The Children’s Hospital WestmeadHealth information for parents on a wide range of topics.
KidsafeChild Safety is an important issue and this website aims to spread the word to help make NSW a safer place for children.
Red Nose (Previously Sids and Kids)Contains information and publications on sudden infant death, grief/bereavement issues and safe sleeping.
RTAIt is important that families are aware of the new childcare restraint laws being implemented in NSW and the general safety recomendations to have restraits fitted by an authorised fitter.
The Australian Breast Feeding AssociationABA runs a group that offer information, basic breastfeeding tips, expressing and storing breast milk, supply issues, breastfeeding in speacial circumstances, weaning, nighttime parenting and more. Breast feeding helpline staff by trained counsellors that hlp thousands of mothers every year.
Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Support (SANDS)Promoting awareness, knowledge, support and understanding following the death of a baby, from conception through to infancy.