Mud Puddles Cottage

Our Vision

Mud Puddles Cottage will provide children with a loving, safe and respectful environment while providing conscientious teaching and learning.

Our children will feel a strong sense of belonging, learn to stay present in the moment and foster a true sense of confidence in their abilities. We see this as laying the foundation for them to become responsible citizens of the world. 

Our Mission

The first seven years in a child’s life are the most impressionable.

It is our mission to recognise children as social beings from birth, full of curiosity and imagination with the potential and desire to find connections and meaning in all they experience.

We want to shape the future by investing our time, energy and care in the next generation. We’ll help them to understand that listening is an important foundation of any relationship and foster equality by teaching them that everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and respect—no matter what. We will nurture each child’s relationship with family, community, culture and nature, encouraging them to explore and develop interests as they begin to construct their own identity and make meaning of the world around them.

Our Purpose

To provide exceptional childcare in a home like environment

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The Mud Puddles Cottage Philosophy


Communication is the foundation of any successful relationship. We teach children about listening and reflection, as well as how their actions and behaviours impact on those around them. With open-ended questions and positive reinforcement, we encourage them to build behaviours based on care and respect for themselves and others.


We live in a multicultural country and cultural diversity is embraced. All children are welcomed into a loving, safe and respectful environment through conscientious teaching and learning. Self-esteem and belonging are the foundations of our practices and education. All families and children are encouraged to participate in all decisions made within the centre. We love to know about your culture and home experiences to help build on your child’s unique development, goals and needs.


All children are equal, all humans are equal. Everything we do at Mud Puddles Cottage is underpinned by this philosophy and we impart this important principle on our Mud Puddlers to ensure they understand their part in creating a safe space where everyone feels welcome. Your child will deepen their relationship with family, community and culture and be encouraged to bring curiosity to their exploration of diversity. We respect this land of ours and encourage the learning of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage.

Health and Happiness

We believe that exercise and healthy eating are the foundations for living a happy and fulfilling life. Health and nutrition are incorporated into daily learning with the support of the Munch and Move NSW health initiative, so our children actively participate in their growth and development. We encourage and support our families to follow the same practices.

Environmental awareness

The future of our earth is firmly in our hands. At Mud Puddles Cottage, your child will be encouraged to learn the value of the outdoors through exploration and education. They will discover playful approaches to water conservation and sustainability within a safe environment.

Team excellence

The success of our centre comes down to the expertise of our team. Investing in ongoing education is a top priority to ensure we stay at the top of our game and remain current with the latest research and practices. We follow the evolution of the National Quality Standard, Early Years Learning Framework and the Early Childhood in Australia Code of Ethics, regularly updating our practices and regularly attend childcare training courses.